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10 Prayers God Always Says Yes To


Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 |

A friend gave me a book titled “10 Prayers God Always Says Yes To”. Sometimes I find it hard to know how to pray and what to pray for. It seems that a lot of our prayers may be selfish, and may not serve God’s will. This book came at a good time since I have plenty of time to pray, and I am re-examining my life. I wanted to share these prayers with you:

(1) God, Show me you exist
(2) God, Make me your instrument
(3) God, Out do me in generosity
(4) God, Get me through this suffering
(5) God, Forgive me
(6) God, Give me peace
(7) God, Give me courage
(8) God, give me wisdom
(9) God, Bring good out of this bad situation
(10) God, Lead me to my destiny

I agree with the author that my life (and those around me) will serve His will when He says “Yes” to these prayers. I don’t think we can ask for anything more.


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