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Botched Inmate Releases


Saturday, July 7th, 2012 |

Bob got a shot because his released cellie left their cell a mess when he was departing to go home. It turns out that Bob was working when the cellie left and was unaware that the inconsiderate cellie left the cell in bad shape.  This happened on a day of an inspection – a stroke of bad luck.  This will result in one of many botched inmate releases that I have seen.

Bob was punished by having some privileges taken away from him, but the counselor said they would not take any halfway house time away from him.  Now, the case manager took three months of halfway house time away from him for “excessive shots”. He, in fact, had two shots, hardly excessive.

Bob got real aggressive to fight this decision. He has already written her up on a BP-8 and has contacted his attorney. In addition, he had friends and family bombard the regional office with phone calls, emails and letters. Bob said that you don’t need to take the grievance case all the way to DC. There is another route that may be faster and more effective.

Ethics Filing Against a Racist Case Manager

His attorney is filing an ethics complaint against the case manager.  The case manager can make a unilateral decision to take this halfway house time away. This is the same case manager that took another friend’s halfway house time away. Bob said that she (black) made some racially insensitive remarks against him (white) that will be part of the ethics charge.

We have noticed that this case manager has treated white inmates differently from black.  This is especially true to white, white-collar inmates. Bob’s attorney has also requested a meeting with the new warden. It would have been much easier on everyone for the camp administrator, or case manager, to just give the guy what he was due. The ethics complaint will be part of her permanent personnel file. She could be disciplined including being given unpaid leave.

So, in a nutshell, he has been having family complain to region, wrote her up on a BP-8, filed an ethics complaint, and is having the attorney meet with the new warden. All this for three months of halfway house!

Halfway House Time Changed When Transferred to the Camp

I can think of many more instances where the camp has taken good time or halfway house time away on a whim. For just one example, a guy came to the camp from the Low to spend some time with his brother before being released.  The Low had approved his going home in six months. He gets to the camp, and the camp said that they are changing it to 12 months.  The reason given is that six months was “too short”. The camp is always screwing around with guys’ halfway house time.


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