April 18

Ethics Amid the Pandemic

I know there are huge pressures on every business to survive during this challenging crisis. But now is not the time to let your guard down and expose your company to financial or ethics scandals.

In solving the ethics enigma, I talk about being hijacked by outside pressures as one of those circumstances leading to unethical behavior.   Over the last six weeks, we’ve seen massive layoffs and pay cuts.  People are hurting, so the number one outside pressure for many people is financial.  Is it so hard to see where your employees may cross the proverbial line to make their quotas?  Bribery to get business is always a risk. What about padding product testing results to meet demand? 

As a kid, I remember the public service announcement, “Do you know where your children are?”, with the implication being, do you know what they are doing. 

So I ask you, do you know what your people are doing?  What is the ONE thing you can do RIGHT NOW to reduce risk and prevent a sudden revelation of a financial or ethics scandal in your organization?  This is the time to be talking to your direct reports and making sure their direct reports are talking to them to spot red flags.  This is not the time to sweep suspicious behavior under the rug.  Help your team make the right choices and stay out of prison.


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