Everyday Ethics Video Series

Weekly Videos Delivered to You to Keep Ethics at the Top of Your Employee's Mind

“Everyday Ethics” Video Series

To help organizations provide consistent ethics awareness to their team, Kevin developed a series of short weekly videos addressing various ethics and compliance issues as a component of his E.T.H.I.C.S. Toolkit.  Our corporate clients can distribute these videos in any way that makes sense to them, whether it be in a newsletter, posted on the organization intranet, or incorporated into a more formal training program.

Topics include ethical leadership, ethics traps, and tips to avoid them, the personal characteristics and circumstances leading to unethical behavior, ethical awareness when posted in a foreign country, what to do when faced with an ethical dilemma and much more.  A sample of the course video is below.

Meet Your Ethics Trainer

J. Kevin Foster, CEO/Founder

Mr. Foster founded Business Ethics Advisors, LLC to fulfill his passion for bringing ethics to the personal level to companies across America. He currently speaks and conducts workshops on ethics and compliance issues. Mr. Foster’s own experience in ignoring ethical traps lead to 37 months in a federal prison. He vowed that no one should have the same experience. Mr. Foster brings real-life stories to his presentations so that all participants understand how easy it is to fall into ethical traps and how to avoid them.

Mr. Foster graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College of Mobile, Alabama in May 1978 with a Bachelor of Science-Commerce with a double-major in accounting and history. He is a former member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan and Texas State Societies of Certified Public Accountants.

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Here’s what people are saying about Kevin Foster

Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps.

Kevin Foster’s presentation on Business Ethics and Compliance is the most original and effective I have seen my career as a general counsel and law firm partner. Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps. Understanding such traps is essential to avoiding serious ethical and legal issues, and Kevin’s presentation should be part of every ethics/compliance program.

Charles Morgan

Charles R. Morgan

Attorney | The Morgan Group

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