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Everything happens for a reason and a purpose…


August 26th, 2011 |

I was reflecting this morning on how Christine and I always talk about “everything that happens to us, happens for a reason and a purpose, and that it serves us and God”.  I received the Magnificat from my mother and started thumbing through it. The introduction that quotes Fr. Walter Ciszek hit me right on, and I want to share it:

“How easy it is… for us to become dependent on our routines … Friends and possessions surround us … It is the status quo that … carries us from day to day; … we begin to lose sight of the fact that … behind all these things it is God who … sustains us. We go along, taking for granted that tomorrow will be very much like today, comfortable in the world we have created for ourselves …and give little thought to God. Somehow, then, God must contrive to break through those routines … and remind us once again … that we are ultimately dependent only upon Him, … that His we are and that we must look to Him and turn to Him in everything. Then it is, perhaps, that He must allow our whole world to be turned upside down in order to remind us it is not our permanent abode or final destiny, to bring us to our senses and restore our sense of values, to turn our thoughts once more to Him”.

Holding Christine’s hand and looking into her eyes yesterday reminded me how our love has grown over the past four years. This adversity has made both of us stronger and brought our marriage together with the glue that is unbreakable. Together, we will find our reason and purpose. And, it will serve us, as good people, and provide us with the opportunity to serve others and thus God.

This is something we should seek, and God will show us the way, and we will find.



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