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Joining the Elite Access Executive Forum is a natural extension of your work as an Ethical Leader that addresses the exact challenges that you’re facing right now. As your career grows, you’re facing increasingly complex questions and decisions. You’ll get Kevin's real-time help, advice, and guidance at every step of the journey.

The Elite Access Executive Forum is:


Our highest-level, ongoing personalized mentoring program designed to help the best compliance and ethics officers, as well as, those leaders who place high value on ethical leadership.


The highest potential to create an ethical culture in their organizations, and accelerate their career prospects. It combines strategic mentorship, intensive accountability, and private 1-on-1 access. 


We’re living in crazy upside-down times with uncertainty, turbulence, and tectonic shifts happening daily in the “new normal” - whatever that means.

Why This? Why Now?


YOU need to protect your organization right now.

Ethical Cultural Changes

Make foundational ethical cultural changes with strategy, methods, and modes.


Safeguard and stabilize your current business.

Cultivate a new generation of ethical leaders

You’re reading this page because YOU are among the small number of folks who value ethical leadership as a worthy skill.

This program is NOT for everyone

Cultivate a new generation of ethical leaders.

Why This? Why Now?

YOU need to protect your organization right now...

Make foundational ethical cultural changes with strategy, methods, and modes...

Safeguard and stabilize your current business...

Cultivate a new generation of ethical leaders...

And keep your head screwed on straight with an unstoppable ethical mindset so that you don’t succumb to desperation, panic, and fear

This program is NOT for everyone and you’re reading this page because YOU are among the small number of folks who value ethical leadership as a worthy skill.

Elite Access Executive Forum is for high-level executive who value ethical leadership and want to cultivate an ethics in their organizations as quickly as possible.  The Forum allows you to reduce your stress, simplify your work, and activate all those ideas you already know you should be doing - but aren’t.

Here's What It's Not:

It’s not more training or content (you don’t need that)

This is not “something else” you have to do (aka busywork)

It’s not “more of the same” generic coaching (been there, done that!)

Here's What It Is:

  1. 1
    High-touch, high-impact 
    Personal support from me so that you continually focus, execute, and activate what you already know you need to do.
  2. 2
    community of high-achievers
    To help you overcome fear, excuses (no time, no money) procrastination, and BS because iron sharpens iron.
  3. 3
    Deploy systems, skillset, and toolset upgrades
    To help you reduce the risk of a sudden revelation of a scandal in your organization, and emerge more agile and more profitable than before.

Here's Who It's For:

High-achieving executives and compliance and ethics officers...

Who want to implement trusted-advisor reputations...

Who are coachable, collaborative, and committed to reaching their next level of success and have a “whatever it takes” drive to do so

Here’s What You Get


Surround yourself with like-minded achievers


Get immediate “do this next” advice from Kevin and your peers in the context of exactly what you’re working on right now


Never let your mindset weaken, or your skills get rusty (stay in the gym to keep getting stronger so that your results don’t fall off)

Bi-Weekly Forum meetings

via Zoom with Kevin (CEO roundtable format)

Private online forum:

Anytime access to Kevin and your peers

Additional Support and Resources:

Office Hours

Access to Kevin to address your real-time questions

Unlimited Consulting

Via email, text, messaging for “just enough, just in time” advice, guidance, answers when you need them

Coaching Clinics

For tactical skill building and implementation

Expert Jam Sessions

On ethics topics as they arise.

Two Forum Summit

Boardroom-style live events (June / November each year with location/venue TBD)

Meet Your Facilitator

J. Kevin Foster, CEO/Founder

Mr. Foster founded Business Ethics Advisors, LLC to fulfill his passion for bringing ethics to the personal level to companies across America. He currently speaks and conducts workshops on ethics and compliance issues. Mr. Foster’s own experience in ignoring ethical traps lead to 37 months in a federal prison. He vowed that no one should have the same experience. Mr. Foster brings real-life stories to his presentations so that all participants understand how easy it is to fall into ethical traps and how to avoid them.

Mr. Foster graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College of Mobile, Alabama in May 1978 with a Bachelor of Science-Commerce with a double-major in accounting and history. He is a former member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan and Texas State Societies of Certified Public Accountants.

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Here’s what people are saying about Kevin Foster

Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps.

Kevin Foster’s presentation on Business Ethics and Compliance is the most original and effective I have seen my career as a general counsel and law firm partner. Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps. Understanding such traps is essential to avoiding serious ethical and legal issues, and Kevin’s presentation should be part of every ethics/compliance program.

Charles Morgan

Charles R. Morgan

Attorney | The Morgan Group

Master Ethical Leadership with

The Elite Access Executive Forum