Ethical Leadership Accelerator Group Mentoring

Transforming Leaders into Ethical Champions

This 8-week Ethical Leadership Accelerator Mentoring Program is for existing, Next-Gen and emerging leaders who are tasked to maintain and develop the organization’s ethical culture in their managerial roles.  We all know that the single biggest influence on employee conduct is culture.  In order to significantly reduce wrongdoing, you need leaders who can shape an ethical culture for years to come.  This is an effective program to shape the moral compass of your employees.

Specifically, this values-based program is designed to be transformative for your employees to:

  • Develop skills to support ethical decision-making and to identify and deter unethical acts of their team members.
  • Improve ethical reasoning and thought leadership skills to demonstrate how their ethical leadership shapes the organization’s culture.
  • Develop and utilize communication skills to influence an ethical culture within the organization.
  • Develop the leaders with the capacity to enhance ethical decision making within all levels of the organization beyond stated requirements of the organization’s Code of Ethics.
  • Learn how to use values-based ethical tools with the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments with more control from an ethics and compliance perspective.

This is your opportunity to shape what the new normal looks like for the next generation of the company ‘s management.

This Program Includes:

  • Live 1-hour group Zoom meetings every week – where we cover content (about 30 minutes), case studies,  activities, and questions for engaging sessions
  • Pre-recorded content modules each week to view before the live sessions
  • Small groups of 8 – 12 for lots of personalized attention
  • Session recordings, transcripts, and worksheet downloads
  • Private email access to me for situation-specific troubleshooting

Here’s the 8-part OUTLINE and exactly what participants will get each week:


Module 1: Introduction

  • Welcome/Why You Should Care About Ethics, A Personal Story
  • Understanding the Personal Characteristics and Circumstances Leading to Unethical Behavior
  • Rules-based vs. Values-based ethical reasoning
  • Unethical Acts May Also Be Illegal Acts
  • The Ethical Workplace as driven by the Ethical Leader
  • What are the Common Areas of Risk in Your Industry
  • Ethics as an Enigma, and Why We Need a Secret Code to Crack the Ethical Enigma
  • 2

    Module 2: Exaggerated Ego v. the Mind of an Ethical Leader

  • How and Why Our Ego Deceives Us
  • Examples of the Ego Creating Unethical Behavior
  • Developing the Mind of an Ethical Leader
  • The Ego and Sexual Harassment
  • Identifying Ego Issues in the Workplace
  • 3

    Module 3:  Temptation and Opportunity as Leadership Traps

  • When Does Temptation Exist and Who is Susceptible to Temptation
  • Temptation and Insider Trading
  • Beware of Being Lured into the Temptation of Others
  • Examples of Temptation Creating Unethical Behavior
  • Trusting Your Gut as an Anecdote of Temptation
  • 4

    Module 4: Hijacked by Outside Pressures and Why Bosses Create Ethical Issues with Workplace Pressures

  • How Outside Pressures Can Influence Our Decisions
  • Why Workplace Pressures are so Dangerous
  • Examples of Outside Pressures Creating Unethical Behavior
  • 5

    Module 5: Integrity Failures (especially with Leadership)

    • Why Unethical Leadership Creates Problems Through-out the Corporate Culture
    • Did You Know More C-Suite Executives Leave Their Posts for Ethical Failures than for any Other Reason
    • What is Ethical Leadership
    • Uber (old management) as an Example of Leadership Integrity Failure
    • Theranos as an Example of Leadership Integrity Failure

    Module 6: Consequences Not Considered and Communication Missed

    • The Reasons Why People Don’t Consider the Consequences of Their Decisions
    • A Personal Example of Not Considering the Consequences
    • Effective Communication as a Leadership Skill
    • Common Charges Against White-Collar Offenders
    • Examples from the Real World
    • Conspiracy as a Common Trap

    Module 7: Slippery Thinking

    • What is Slippery Thinking
    • A Personal Example of Slippery Thinking
    • Ethical reasoning skills as an anecdote to Slippery Thinking
    • Adelphia as an Example of Slippery Thinking
    • Admissions Scandal as an Example of Slippery Thinking

    Module 8: Conclusion

    • Enigma Code Solved!
    • How All Aspects of the Code Work Together for the Ethical Leader
    • Your Responsibility as an Ethical Leader to create an Ethical Work Environment
    • Your Options When Encountering Unethical or Illegal Behavior
    • Work in Peace, Live in Peace

    Committed to your success…

    We are committed to making it possible for emerging leaders to build, engage, and retain high levels of ethical reasoning skills to ensure their success at your company.

    This program is designed for the busiest managers that “don’t have time” for new systems and the managers who learned dubious ethical values earlier in their career.

    Imagine what your life and company will look like…

    Once your managers are properly equipped to effectively address ethical issues on the fly…

    Meet Your Ethics Trainer

    J. Kevin Foster, CEO/Founder

    Mr. Foster founded Business Ethics Advisors, LLC to fulfill his passion for bringing ethics to the personal level to companies across America. He currently speaks and conducts workshops on ethics and compliance issues. Mr. Foster’s own experience in ignoring ethical traps lead to 37 months in a federal prison. He vowed that no one should have the same experience. Mr. Foster brings real-life stories to his presentations so that all participants understand how easy it is to fall into ethical traps and how to avoid them.

    Mr. Foster graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College of Mobile, Alabama in May 1978 with a Bachelor of Science-Commerce with a double-major in accounting and history. He is a former member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan and Texas State Societies of Certified Public Accountants.

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    Here’s what people are saying about Kevin Foster

    Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps.

    Kevin Foster’s presentation on Business Ethics and Compliance is the most original and effective I have seen my career as a general counsel and law firm partner. Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps. Understanding such traps is essential to avoiding serious ethical and legal issues, and Kevin’s presentation should be part of every ethics/compliance program.

    Charles Morgan

    Charles R. Morgan

    Attorney | The Morgan Group

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