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Hire Kevin to speak to your leaders or entire workforce. Choose from the following engaging topics that focus on instilling good ethical business decision-making into your corporate culture.


Solving the E.T.H.I.C.S. Enigma: Cracking the Code of Right and Wrong in the New Normal

More and more companies are being slapped with fines, penalties and lawsuits as a result of ethical lapses and illegal acts by employees since our world has been disrupted by COVID.  Ethics traps abound when people are forced to make up for lost sales, quickly get products up and running, remote working is the norm and compliance systems are stressed.

In the new normal, it’s easy to get into a situation where you think “this one deal” will end financial woes or put your company on the map. But doing things in gray areas just to survive or salvage what has been built are where drastic compromises seem to be an acceptable risk.

In this presentation, Kevin will share:

  • What leads people toward unethical decisions in the first place… and how you can build safeguards in your organization and its employees to prevent “Stinking Thinking”
  • The 6 E.T.H.I.C.S. clues to solve the ethics enigma that can help all levels of organization adhere to ethical principles to limit their legal liability
  • What it’s REALLY like to cross the line into the “dark side”… and how life changes as a result

This keynote is about using values-based ethics awareness techniques to avoid the lurking traps that impede making smart ethical decisions and is suitable for all employees.


“Ethical Leadership Challenges in a Post-COVID World: Startling Lessons for Survival from an Ex-Con!”

"Minor” ethical problems can easily destroy your company and career.  We all know that the single biggest influence on employee conduct is culture. The post-COVID world is ripe for ethical challenges.  To significantly reduce wrongdoing, you need leaders who can shape an ethical culture for years to come. Kevin Foster was a corporate real estate executive who found out the hard way (and went to prison!) that ethical leadership is essential to develop the moral compass of your employees.

In this keynote, Kevin takes the audience on a values-based journey to transform your existing and emerging leaders into ethical champions. Specifically, this program is designed for your organizational leaders to:

  • Develop skills to support ethical decision-making and to identify and deter unethical acts of your team members
  • Improve ethical reasoning and thought leadership skills to demonstrate how ethical leadership shapes your organization’s culture
  • Leverage top-notch communication skills to influence an ethical culture within your organization
  • Create the leaders who will enhance ethical decision-making within all level of your organization beyond stated requirements of your organization’s Code of Ethics
  • Learn how to use values-based ethical tools with the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments

This is your opportunity to shape what the new normal looks like for the next generation of your company‘s management.


From Fancy Cars to Prison Bars and Back: Hard-Won Lessons on Escaping the Captivity of Our Limitations

As humans, we struggle when our plans and hopes don’t come to fruition – which can lead us to see things in a way we never thought we would. In this startling and inspirational keynote, Kevin will help your audience find purpose in spite of – or through – suffering. While Kevin was physically imprisoned, he’s come to understand how so many of us are destined to crash and burn in life  and then become imprisoned by the circumstances of our lives, whether it’s an addiction, a bad marriage, or a stalled career.  He’ll share:

  • The story of his journey from the adversity of being caught in the middle of a major criminal case and thirty-seven months in federal prison to his triumphant return to society  
  • Could the ultimate value of troubles and recovery help others avoid similar disasters and lapses of clear thinking? 
  • The tools to free listeners from their virtual chains and inspire their move from adversity to authenticity themselves
  • How to shift thinking from “life is conspiring against me” to understanding that there are choices to be made every single day and how to make the right choices consistently
  • How to prepare when your hopes and plans are now in the past (and what to do to navigate uncomfortable territory)

This keynote is the perfect inspirational speech to begin or end your conference.

Experience is the Best Teacher

Kevin understands the challenge of finding just the right speaker to talk about business ethics. In his prior roles as a certified public accountant with KPMG Peat Marwick and as a commercial real estate broker with Marcus & Millichap, he was given all sorts of training in industry-specific ethics.

However, that training was hardly applicable when he became the vice-president of finance for a real estate development company that became mired in complex allegations of bank fraud.  In hindsight, his personal involvement could have been avoided if he saw the right warning signs and truly understood the risk of doing nothing.

Real World Experiences

Who really knows more about the consequences of crossing the lines from ethical behavior to unethical to criminal than someone who has been there?

Kevin tells his story, and the stories of others, as real-life examples of the pitfalls and consequences of working in an unethical corporate culture.

Tried & True Methodology

Kevin uses his emotional story to exemplify how E.T.H.I.C.S. traps can have life-altering and, many times, criminal results.

Kevin uses his E.T.H.I.C.S. Leadership Toolkit to provide ethics awareness and training to the employees and members of corporations, associations, and nonprofits. His ethics keynote presentation can be tailored to the client’s needs.

What attendees are saying

A few testimonials from past attendees who have attended one of BEA's keynote presentations featuring Kevin Foster. For more click here.

I was unbelievably moved by Kevin's presentation

"It really hit some pretty strong cords with me and my business.  I also feel his passion and ability to share his experiences will help many people.  Thank you Kevin.  It was fantastic."

Michaeline Daboul

Keynote Attendee

A timely lesson for everyone

"I just heard Kevin speak. Very impactful. His stories were spot on and I think it is a lesson for all of us whether we think we think we will be subject to incarceration or not. It is a timely lesson for everyone. Thank you."

BEA Keynote Attendee

Leslie Zacks

Keynote Attendee

Kevin’s message really resonated with the audience

"His message about ethics is incredible. He’s been there, done it. He wants empower others not to make the same mistakes. He knows the repercussions of ethics violations.”

BEA Keynote Attendee

Jeff Sheehan

Keynote Attendee

About Your Keynote Presenter

J. Kevin Foster, CEO/Founder

Mr. Foster founded Business Ethics Advisors, LLC to fulfill his passion for bringing ethics to the personal level to companies across America. He currently speaks and conducts workshops on ethics and compliance issues. Mr. Foster’s own experience in ignoring ethical traps lead to 37 months in a federal prison. He vowed that no one should have the same experience. Mr. Foster brings real-life stories to his presentations so that all participants understand how easy it is to fall into ethical traps and how to avoid them.

Mr. Foster graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College of Mobile, Alabama in May 1978 with a Bachelor of Science-Commerce with a double-major in accounting and history. He is a former member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan and Texas State Societies of Certified Public Accountants.

Here’s what people are saying about Kevin Foster

Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps.

Kevin Foster’s presentation on Business Ethics and Compliance is the most original and effective I have seen my career as a general counsel and law firm partner. Kevin succinctly captures how and why business executives fall into ethical traps. Understanding such traps is essential to avoiding serious ethical and legal issues, and Kevin’s presentation should be part of every ethics/compliance program.

Charles Morgan

Charles R. Morgan

Attorney | The Morgan Group

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