February 14

My last day as a FREE man


Monday, August 15th, 2011 |

This is the day which I start my travels to self-report to FCI Butner.  It has been a hectic three weeks trying to prepare to self-report to prison and teach Christine all the financial, technological and personal business that she must now assume responsibility for. I also had to get all my medical records to bring with me. I will travel to Greenville, SC and stay the night with my brother. Christine and I will leave very early on Tuesday morning so that I can get to Butner before noon.

Kevin and Christine at Kevin's send-off party on Aug 14, 2011
Kevin and Christine at Kevin’s send-off party on Aug 14, 2011

I’m very nervous about all of this. I was told that I would be going to the camp but I called the prison this morning and they told me that I was scheduled for “Low”, which is not good. Per my consultant, “As of Thursday, you are slated for the Camp. However, all incoming inmates are given a full physical upon arrival and your physical, as well as current medical condition, could dictate closer medical observation until they are “comfortable” with your overall condition and treatment. However, for now, you will be in the Camp. You will be allowed to discuss that with the attending physician after the physical.”

I had a big send-off party last night with a lot of friends and family in attendance. We had a great time, and I will miss everyone dearly. We went to bed a midnight and I woke up at 2 am and could not fall asleep again. I’m very tired on top of being nervous. I’ll let Christine tell you more about the party.

Let me back up and share my email to my friends and family about self-reporting to Butner:

“My Dear Friends and Family:

I can’t tell you how much Christine and I have appreciated love and support. I have received word that I must report to the federal prison camp in Butner, NC on Aug 16th. This has come as a shock since I was expecting another extension on my reporting date. In addition, the government is unwilling at this point to schedule a hearing for a downward departure (Rule 35B) of my sentence. This is obviously another huge disappointment but the government is still saying that they need my cooperation and that the hearing will be requested at a later date.

Christine and I are scrambling to get my personal matters in order, prepare for my departure and get her trained in handling the family day-to-day business. As such, I am only available to take phone calls in the evenings and on the weekends.

I can only make outgoing phone calls once I report but I will have access to text-only email while I’m in Butner. Letters and cards would also be welcome. I can’t receive any packages from anyone except paperbacks and then hard covers if they are shipped directly from the publisher. Butner is about six and a half hours from Atlanta off I-85 near Durham. I would obviously appreciate visits. Family doesn’t need prior clearance but others do. Christine will share the contact information and other details when it is known.

This whole ordeal has been going on for four years now, and has wreaked havoc in our lives. There is much to tell about the circumstances surrounding my guilty plea and the allegations. I was hoping to be in a position to fully explain everything, but I can’t until my cooperation is complete. However, I plan to use email to send Christine updates.  She will use the updates to share my daily life and observations while in Butner. I found very little in the way of firsthand accounts on prison camp life on the internet and none on Butner. Others facing my fate will appreciate the information that I will share later on down the road.

To complicate things further, we are still struggling to keep the house which has an outside chance of happening. Otherwise, Christine will have to oversee the short sale/foreclosure, pack and move all our belongings to storage, and find alternative living arrangements by late October. Please let Christine know if you know of a vacant warehouse, office or retail space that can be leased very inexpensively.

I’m not worried about myself. The camp is minimal security so there are no walls and fences, and my safety will not be an issue. I’ll be ok. But, I worry greatly about Christine. She needs, and will need, all your love and support. It will be very lonely without me in the house, especially after losing her mother earlier this year. Please make an effort to stay in touch with her, and let her know you care.

I am very grateful for the reprieve I have had for the past 18 months. It has given me a chance to become a better and stronger servant of God. It also allowed me to help Christine care for her mother in hospice in our home, and be with her at the time of her death.

Despite all that has happened, our marriage couldn’t be any stronger and we couldn’t be any closer. We believe in the strength of our union with God; that God forgives all transgressions when asked; that to despair and lose hope is to cross into the dark side, and that everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and that it serves us and God.

Please keep us in your prayers, and God bless you. K”



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