October 17

New Warden Is Finally Here


Monday, July 9th, 2012 |

The new warden started last week. He is a young white man that looks to be in his early 30’s.  This is quite a change, and not one I was expecting.  The Camp has an administrator which is the equivalent of an assistant warden.  The camp administrator reports to the warden at the Medium, since the Camp is a satellite of the Medium.

We don’t have much contact with the warden, but the warden’s policies and personalities affect our daily lives.  Accordingly, it is vitally important to have a warden that is reasonable, fair and competent.  I can’t say we have been that lucky at Butner.  This is a reason why inmates have been anxious for the new warden to arrive.

Wardens tend to work their way up the BOP system.  Consideration is also given for race and gender, as much as for experience and politics.  The Low recently got a female warden.  The complex warden is also a female.  My first warden was an older white male who retired.  I never saw the warden when I was at the Low, and wasn’t there long enough to care.

New wardens tend to bring in their cronies from the past.  But, this guy is so young that I am not sure he has anyone to bring in.  The rumor mill is that he is politically connected and is on the career fast track.

The new warden walked through one of the other units so I didn’t see him. He was accompanied by the assistant warden and a man of about 40 who was not identified. The warden was pleasant with the inmates and asked how they were doing. I doubt if anyone told the truth with the AW there.  We will know soon enough if this guy is worth anything.



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