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Prison Food at FPC Butner


Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 |

I haven’t talked about prison food lately so I thought I would give you an update. I’ve really gotten settled into what I like and dislike.  And, what I will bother to go to the cafeteria for or not. Everyone’s tastes are different. There are some guys that I have literally never seen in the chow hall. Some go no matter what they are serving. Most pick and choose which meals they will eat in the cafeteria.

Meat Dishes

Anything with tuna is nasty.  Tuna is served at Friday lunch and one dinner a week. Chicken is the most popularly served item. You can count on it for up to four or five times a week, served in some manner. They will serve chicken baked, BBQ or fried at least twice a week, mostly one for lunch and another for dinner. The other chicken dishes are made of “grizzly” chicken. These are chicken pieces with the grizzle still in the chicken. I try to avoid grizzle chicken dishes (e.g.; chicken alfredo, chicken fajitas, etc). Hamburgers are always on Wednesday at lunch. Most other meats are served in casseroles and on things such as chili dogs. Pork is served once a week or so. The pork chops are like shoe leather. Pork roasts aren’t bad.  There’s turkey sausage patties’ on the weekend that are not eatable.


I go to all the breakfasts. We typically get cereal, pancakes (Wednesday), French toasts (Friday) or grits and/or a “breakfast cake”. These range from chocolate cake, to a rolled cake with icing, to a muffin cake, or donuts (a rarity). They normally serve a “country breakfast” on Mondays that consists of biscuit, gravy and potatoes, which I never eat. I typically carry bring a bag of raisin bran to the chow hall on the mornings that I don’t want grits or the “country breakfast”.

Self-Prepared Meals

As I said, I skip a lot of meals in the cafeteria because of the poor quality. I fix my own meals on these days. My more common meals that I fix are pizza, soups and sandwiches. The pizza is a microwavable pizza crust with sauce. I buy jalapeno peppers, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese as topping. I added sausage on my last pizza. There are guys that buy flour tortillas, moisten them with water, layer them and mold the damp tortillas to make a homemade pizza crust. They will really load up on toppings.

The most popular soups are the ramen noodles. We can buy packages for $.30 in the commissary. The COs allow us to take a bread slices out of the cafe so we can make sandwiches. My favorite is peanut butter and jelly. The other guys are far more creative than me. One of the guys gave me an apple strudel.  He made it from the apples available in the cafe and cooked in the microwave. It was excellent, and very generous of him to give it to me. Some guys will make wraps and sell those for up to five stamps. I always try to get a pint of ice cream or an ice cream sandwich on commissary day. It’s one of my few treats during the week.



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