9 Reasons to Hire Business Ethics Advisors


You want your team “to get” ethics at the personal level.

Your employees and leaders may not be purposefully unethical. They simply may not know where the gray areas are. Ethics are an enigma – a puzzle – to most people… and what people don’t understand, they often ignore. After Kevin’s program, your audience will get the personal characteristics and circumstances that can lead to unethical behavior… so they’re more able to tell when they’re in the gray area or on the wrong side of the line.


 You want a high-impact ethics speaker who is a catalyst for a positive change in your organization.

Not only is Kevin’s story impactful, dramatic, and just plain intriguing… Kevin is a natural storyteller. He’ll weave his story for your audience that includes a corporate executive ignoring red flags, a federal criminal investigation, a prison sentence, and finally redemption. He’ll share stories of other executives who have faced similar circumstances and events. All of which keeps audiences spellbound and on the edge of their seats… which means they’re hanging on every word and remembering the lessons he shares.


You want to reduce your organization's exposure to legal fees, fines, penalties, reputational damage and criminal liability due to your employee's unethical or illegal acts.

Nobody wants the men in FBI jackets to visit them. But it happens more often than many realize. The DOJ and SEC have laid out specific criteria to mitigate the organization’s exposure to fines, penalties and criminal charges that include demonstrating an effective organizational culture of ethics and ethics training. Most organizations ethics training programs are barely effective in this regard, just because they don’t clearly outline the consequences of unethical behavior. Kevin’s program emphasizes the need for all employees to take responsibility for their actions to prevent unethical decisions… and what’s more, audiences are interested in the experiences he has to share.


You want to create an ethical corporate culture and reputation because it is good for business.

People do business with people they trust. Studies have shown that highly ethical companies have great reputations with customers for trust and value... and these reputations directly translate to dollars on the bottom line. Kevin’s program is designed to raise the ethical bar in your organization and keep the goodwill you’ve spent time, energy and money earning with your customers and associates.


You want employees to identify and report unethical and illegal acts early.

Many employees are hesitant of reporting ethical or criminal issues for fear of retaliation, or out of ignorance that the acts are unethical or illegal. Early detection of ethical problems and criminal activity can be addressed immediately by management resulting in lower fines and penalties under DOJ and SEC guidelines. As a result of Kevin’s program, your employees will be able to not only spot unethical behavior… but they’ll understand the benefits of making sure that behavior is addressed immediately.


You want to promote employee honesty and ethical behavior in the workplace.

Employees often put themselves at risk with bad ethical decisions leading to dismissal with cause. And with every employee you dismiss, you have to spend more money recruiting, hiring and training their replacement. Not to mention what effect it has on the morale in the workplace! An ethical environment promotes employee honesty, pride, teamwork, and satisfaction. And as a bonus, highly ethical employers can recruit and retain better employees.


 You want a high ROI on your training budget.

The cost to resolve ethical allegations in terms of legal costs, reputational damage and distractions to the core business are staggering. Kevin’s ethics programs are a bargain even if they prevent just one instance of an ethical lapse.


You want to keep you and your employees out of prison.

There are 5,000 criminal laws and another 10,000 to 300,000 federal regulations that can get someone put in prison. Do you know the details of each one? Most white-collar offenders don’t realize that going along with a bad situation can get them in a ton of trouble. If only they recognized their actions were unethical in the first place! With Kevin’s presentations, your employees will discover precisely how devastating ignoring the consequences of their actions can be.


Simply put: You want to be prepared for a sudden revelation of a scandal in your organization.

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