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Sex Offenders at Butner


Sunday, March 25th, 2012 |

Sex offenders are in every facility at Butner but the Camp.  Someone estimated that about 40% of the inmates at the Low were sex offenders.  They thought that this was generally true with FMC, FCI II (Deuce) and Medium, but I don’t really know for sure.  I was warned to stay away from the sex offenders (“cho-mo’s”) when I was at the Low.  These guys are ostracized, and a non-cho-mo can be assumed to be a cho-mo just for being friendly to cho-mo’s.

Maryland Unit

In addition, the Medium has the Maryland Unit, a special housing unit for sex offenders that have served their entire sentence.  The BOP has held back a small percentage of the sex offenders beyond their sentence, amounting to 136 men. The BOP continues to imprison these men under a federal civil commitment law, and without going to trial.  While in the Maryland Unit, they are being evaluated to determine whether they are safe for release to society.  The sexual predators are supposed to be receiving specialized counseling related to sexual abnormalities.  However, I have heard from guys who were at the Medium that they are just being warehoused there with little meaningful treatment.

The BOP does everything possible to separate from the Maryland inmates (i.e.; eat, exercise, etc.) from the other inmates for their own protection.

USA TODAY ran an article about the newspaper’s investigation of sex offenders detained at Butner

The warden made the decision to ban the above referenced article because it “contained highly sensitive, detailed information regarding specific inmates housed at that facility.”  The facility mentioned is the Maryland Unit.

According to the article, USA TODAY’s investigation raised questions about the government’s handling of a system meant to indefinitely detain some of the nation’s most dangerous sex offenders. It found that the U.S. Justice Department had held dozens of men for years without a trial before they were released because they did not meet the strict legal criteria for detention. Despite six years of effort, the government has persuaded federal courts to civilly commit just 15 of the 136 men prison officials had sought to detain as “sexually dangerous” predators.

Far more often, men the U.S. Justice Department branded as “sexually dangerous” predators remained imprisoned here for years without a mandatory court hearing before the government was forced to let them go, a USA TODAY investigation has found. The Justice Department has either lost or dropped its cases against 61 of the 136 men it sought to detain. Some were imprisoned for more than four years without a trial before they were freed.

The full USA TODAY article can be found here.


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