"My name is Melissa Cleary.  I’m an attorney in Raleigh, NC with the law firm of MGC...  This year we were so lucky to have Kevin come and speak with us.  It was a rare opportunity to hear from somebody who actually has gone through so many of the things that he's gone through.  It was a really good lesson on how every little decision that you make does have an impact, even something that you think is a simple decision or one that's not very important.  It can easily lead to something else, and that's a great lesson to have not just for work but all aspects of your life.  He was great to work with, and the crowd loved him which is something that we're always happy to see."

“Hey, my name’s Rich Hart. I just got the opportunity to see Kevin live. If you’re talking about ethics and bringing ethics to your business. Kevin is the man himself that you want to talk to. He brings the inspiration, the experience, of being actually involved in an ethical situation. If there’s somebody you’re looking for to bring new ethics programs to your business, Kevin is the man, alright? Great show!”

"I'm Jennifer Bricker with McAngus, Goudelock & Courie.  I’m the meeting planner for the event that we did today.  We were able to get in contact with Kevin and have him present at our seminar on ethics. He did an amazing job.  We had a huge crowd here today that really enjoyed his presentation.  We actually have had him present to us twice.  We’ve had wonderful comments on our seminar evaluations. It's always great as a meeting planner to have a speaker such as Kevin to work with.  He was very helpful and was able to customize this presentation, so that really resonated with our clients and audience.  He was wonderful to work with and look forward to working with him again."

"My name is Leslie Zacks.  I'm a pharmaceutical executive in the Atlanta area.  I just heard Kevin speak.  Very impactful.  His stories were spot on and I think it is a lesson for all of us whether we think we think we will be subject to incarceration or not.  It is a timely lesson for everyone. Thank you.

"Good morning, My name is Michaeline Daboul.  I am CEO and co-founder of Medispend, which is a compliance solution that is used by many life science companies to assure compliance with rules of conduct and business processes.  I was unbelievably moved by Kevin's presentation today.  It really hit some pretty strong cords with me and my business.  I also feel his passion and ability to share his experiences will help many people.  Thank you Kevin.  It was fantastic."

“Hi, I’m Jeff Sheehan, I’m an IBM influencer and thought leader. And I just saw Kevin Foster speaking this morning, he was tremendous. His message about ethics is incredible. He’s been there, done it. He wants to really empower others not to make the same mistakes. So, Kevin’s message really resonated with the audience. Everyone really took a message away from the talk that they can use and incorporate into their lives to make them better individuals and ensure that they don’t get on that slippery slope of ethics violations. I never want to experience what Kevin has, but I can tell you if you’re looking for someone to talk about ethics, Kevin is the person. He’s the go-to person, because of the fact that he’s been there, done it. He knows what the repercussions of ethics violations are.”

"I’m Josh Brown.  I’m an attorney with McAngus, Goudelock & Courie.  I have to say that Kevin does a great job presenting the ethical dilemmas that we face every day, especially in the business industry in an engaging way.  Obviously, as an attorney, we’re under constant scrutinization for ethical practice and professional responsibility.  I think he did a great job of breaking it down and really what it means to act ethically in a work environment and just as a regular person."

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